Let’s break down common misconceptions!

What you need to know before you start a PhD

What should be the profile of a PhD candidate? What skills are needed to succeed? Let’s find out!

Who can do a PhD?

For Marie-Christine Lichtlé, PhD students have to be interested in research and be able to put theoritical aspects into practice .

Do you need to be a good student to do a PhD?

For Sofia Lamperti, a top student is independent and pro-active, which are necessary qualities to do a PhD.

Do you need to be a good student to do a PhD?

For Gilles N’Goala, a good MA student does not necessarily make a good PhD student, and vice versa.

Do you need to be a good student to do a PhD?

For Konrad Meisner, even if organization and motivation are essential qualities, there is no necessity to have been the best student of your class at the university to be successful in your PhD.

Do you need to be a good student to do a PhD?

For Petra Moog, you don’t have to be a top student but still quite a good one, as it demonstrates your ability to understand the subject you will work on as well as a great motivation.

What skills are needed for qualitative research?

For Florence Palpacuer, the most important qualities to do a PhD are: the interest in combining different theories, and the ability to make sense of what is observed.

What skills to do a PhD?

Philipp Köhn thinks that the most important things to do a PhD are motivation and the ability to push oneself to work.

What skills to do a PhD?

For Jean-Marie Courrent, the most important skill is critical thinking.

What skills to do a PhD?

Julian Ruf considers that doing a PhD requires project management skills, and the ability to coordinate different parties towards a common goal.


What skills to do a PhD?

There is no “standard profile” to do a thesis, according to Ysé Commandré, but there are some needed qualities.

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