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Where can I find more information about PhD in other universities or subjects?

There are numerous sources of information about research and PhD in other disciplines or universities. We recommend the following: 

 – Top reasons to get a PhD in business from the YouTube chanel The Fulcrum

Pros and cons of doing a PhD from the YouTube chanel Simon Clark

PhD Programme in Management from the YouTube chanel Aarhus BSS

Interested in a PhD in Management? from the YouTube chanel thephdprojectvideos

Research in Management Studies from the YouTube chanel Introduction to Research

Things about a PhD nobody told you about | Laura Valadez-Martinez | TEDxLoughboroughU from the Youtube chanel TEDx Talks                                                                                     

Is there a Youtube chanel where I can find the videos from PuRPOSE?

Indeed, all the videos about research and PhD in the field of management created in the framework of the PuRPOSE project can be found on Youtube!

Simply go to the PuRPOSE chanel and subscribe to discover more videos! 

Do PhD students get a salary? How much is it?

It actually depends a lot on the situation of the PhD student and the country where the PhD student is studying.

Some decide to do research without funding, for instance as they already get a salary from employment in the private sector.

Others sign a contract with the university or the chair where they do there PhD. In France, so-called “doctoral contracts” ensure a monthly salary to some PhD students to do their research, which can also include some teaching assignments. A similar system exists in Germany, where the PhD students dedicate some time to the chair which hosts them, perform administrative and/or teaching tasks, and get a salary from it.

For more information about this topic, you can browse the How to Start page to find out the funding opportunities in our countries and universities, or ask us directly this question using the contact form below!

This website does not display properly on my screen... what shall I do?

If you are using a computer, try to change the zoom of your internet browser, you may find a more optimal display!



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