The PuRPOSE partners are rethinking the implementation of the project in time of the sanitary crisis.

Due to the outbreak of COVID19 and the subsequent sanitary crisis, all partners institutions are undergoing a reorganisation of their activities, and the implementation of the PuRPOSE project find itself affected.

Indeed, delays in the deployment of the focus groups in the partner universities have impacted the course of the project.

However the partners remain committed to the engaged study and the objectives of the project. Communication has gone online, and the calendar has been adapted to the situation. Furthermore, in line with the initial study phase of the project, the partners have already started working on the design of a questionnaire targeting Master’s students as a way to better understand the needs in terms of information regarding PhD. Discussions have also been led to start the conception of the information website to be set up during the 2020-2021 academic year.

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